Chock-A-Block 1.0.5

Tetris style block fitting game


  • Simple gameplay
  • Easy to pick-up and play


  • Gameplay can be too slow
  • Not much change in gameplay
  • Sound effects basic


There are many games inspired by Tetris and they vary in quality from plain awful and unoriginal, to sometimes even better than the original.

Chock-A-Block probably comes somewhere in between that range providing a decent challenge although lacking the fast and furious pace that made Tetris so compelling. The object of Chock-A-Block is to fit shapes into the game grid, creating solid horizontal or vertical lines. However, rather than falling from the sky like in Tetris, the shapes drop into a small box on the left hand side the game from where you use a virtual hand to drag them into the playing areas.

From here, you can rotate the block to fit in the best possible way but you have to be quick because the frequency of the blocks does not slow down. The key is to ensure that you can fill a line from end to end vertically or horizontally when it will magically disappear into thin air, so you win points. This isn't as easy as it sounds although the pace is quite slow compared to Tetris meaning that you have quite a bit of time to think out your moves.

A fun game that can be played during breaks and easy to play, Chock-A-Block will provide at least a few hours entertainment although it's certainly no Tetris.



Chock-A-Block 1.0.5

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